Michael MacMillan

Michael MacMillan

Mike is an expert in SEO strategy, specializing in strategy implementation for B2B software and service companies. 13 years of experience in SEO and 22 in digital marketing have seen Mike in both agency leadership and in-house marketing roles, ultimately leading him to work with some of the largest SaaS companies as Principal Consultant of MacMillan Search.

Startupfest After Hours Parties 2023

Disclaimer: The event discussed in this blog post has already taken place. Information presented here is for archival and reference purposes only. Oh, get ready, folks! It’s that exciting time when we pull back the curtain on the famed “Startupfest…

6 ChatGPT Use Cases for Business

The impact of ChatGPT on various industries has been significant, and users are discovering new ways to integrate this powerful language model into their daily operations. In this blog post, we will explore some interesting use cases of ChatGPT, including…