Doubling a B2B SaaS Company’s Organic Traffic in Under a Year

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The Client

  • Industry: Consulting, Training & Linking Building
  • Project Type: SEO Engagement
  • Last Funding Type: Private Equity
  • Headquarters: Texas
  • Number of Employees: ~400
  • Team Locations: US
  • Weekly Organic Traffic: ~5K

The Opportunity

Our client’s goal was to increase organic traffic with new content based on keywords related to their available services.

Our keyword research was based on the client’s available services, related topics, and competitors within the same categories. Our internal documentation was formatted so every keyword was associated with a specific product page.

Benefits of associating keywords with their related product category included:

  • convenient filtering and tracking of opportunities
  • a mindset focused on topical relevance and conversions
  • obvious internal link & CTA opportunities

The resulting content briefs were designed to:

  • target keywords determined as relevant to the client’s services
  • strengthen product pages with internal links from topically relevant content
  • create helpful content with the potential to rank

The Process

  • Keyword research was performed after our kick-off meeting (mid-July 2021)
  • We began creating content briefs by the end of July
    • Refinements were being actioned by the middle of Q3 2021
    • New content was being published by end of Q3 2021
  • Through Q3 and Q4 our content team…
    • Refined 20 pieces of existing blog content (with content refinement briefs) 
    • Supported 46 new pieces of blog content (with new content briefs)

organic clicks increasing from May 2021 to May 2022

Our engagement with the client began in mid-July 2021.

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The Results:


Organic traffic nearly doubled. Below is a comparison of organic clicks for Q1 2022 vs 2021.

Q1 organic clicks compared YoY - significant increase


Comparing conversions for Q4 YoY:

  • Conversions increased (102%)
    • Conversion Rate increased (30%)
  • Sessions increased (55%)
    • New sessions increased (3%)
    • New users increased (60%)
  • Bounce Rate decreased (6%)
  • Average session duration increased (5%)
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