Boosted Blog Traffic 446% YoY for B2B SaaS Company

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The Client

  • Industry: B2B SaaS
  • Project Type: SEO Consulting
  • Last Funding Type: Series A
  • Headquarters: San Francisco
  • Number of Employees: 51-100
  • Team Locations: Western US and Australia
  • Weekly Organic Traffic: ~5K

The Opportunity

Blog posts are a great authoritative driver of organic non-branded traffic. The MacMillan Search team has developed a process to regularly review current resources, strengthen keyword positions, and anticipate the questions of prospective customers. The result was content that delivered as a ranking mechanism, authority opportunity and stage in the customer journey, without any duplication of effort.

The Process

MacMillan Search implemented methods to monitor and analyze search results, using our findings to provide optimization and implementation direction to the in-house team for both new and existing content. Weaving an SEO strategy into internal processes is key to ranking for high-intent keywords, and our process included:

  1. Refining existing content – A clear opportunity for growth was content that had intent-driven keywords within striking distance. With some refinements, we were able to increase visibility, position, and ultimately traffic. Tactics included:
    • Regular analysis of the winning and losing content
    • Optimizing to improve the click-through rate for the bottom-of-the-first-page search results
    • Improving signals for search results on the second page and beyond
    • Reviewing featured snippets for opportunities to optimize the results
    • Creating blog content that better answered the non-branded queries driving clicks to product pages
  2. New content creation – Our client is a thought leader in their space – maintaining this position required new, high quality content at consistent intervals. Our content direction pulled from the main and peripheral subject matter from the:
    • Industries and teams they serve
    • Products and their features
  3. Empowering the in-house teams – We supported content and development teams by answering implementation questions and clarifying SEO concepts. We did this using a shared Slack channel and hosting office hours.
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The Results

With MacMillan Search processes integrated, and an informed in-house team executing, blog traffic grew significantly. Highlights include:

  • Blog content present in 1.98M search results (+498% year-over-year and +36% quarter-over-quarter)
  • Increased visibility leading to 22K clicks (+446% year-over-year and +44% quarter-over-quarter)
  • Increased traffic leading to free trail sign-ups (+271% YoY)
Increasing Series-A B2B SaaS Company's Blog Traffic YoY Trending
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