RE/MAX nova’s SERP Optimization: Doubling Traffic YoY

The Client

  • Industry: Real Estate
  • Project Type: SEO Consulting
  • Last Funding Type: Private
  • Headquarters: Halifax
  • Number of Employees: 101-250
  • Team Location: Nova Scotia
  • Weekly Organic Traffic: ~17K

The Struggle

RE/MAX nova had experienced an SEO audit by another agency, which yielded a report that outlined the website’s technical issues. While the audit served as a useful starting point, it didn’t offer a comprehensive implementation plan or prioritize the changes needed to truly enhance its online presence. The key challenge was to develop an effective strategy that would address the right areas and improve website traffic.

A major issue was that the “address” pages, which attracted the bulk of traffic, competed with the more informative “listing” pages. This meant potential customers ended up on pages lacking the information they sought. The challenge was to create an effective strategy that would improve traffic by prioritizing the right pages.

The Game Plan

Teaming up with MacMillan Search, RE/MAX Nova devised a monthly check-in and progress plan that led to three research-driven opportunities:

  1. Laying a Solid Foundation – A technical audit allowed us to identify and prioritize high-impact issues.
  2. Prioritizing High-Intent Pages – As the foundation improved, we shifted focus to the “listing” pages, providing developer-friendly solutions with automation, and minimizing manual work.
  3. Polishing Search Results – We honed in on refining search results for both “listing” and “address” pages, aiming for a higher clickthrough rate and increased traffic by implementing:
    • Research-driven, variable feed “Titles”
    • Engaging Meta Descriptions, leveraging well-written listing descriptions
    • Structured data for richer results
Ryan Hartlan

Mike has been a great help to us in improving our search exposure and website traffic. His research and approach are very thorough and impactful – which separated him from previous consultants we had used. We will continue to use Mike’s services in the future.

Ryan Hartlen, RE/MAX nova
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The Breakthrough

By April 2020, most Foundation and High-Intent Pages Focus changes were executed, resulting in:

  • 46% increase month-over-month
  • 51% increase year-over-year
Technical SEO that increased traffic - MOM for April

In May, our Search Result Optimization recommendations were implemented, leading to:

  • 73% increase month-over-month
  • 99% increase year-over-year
Technical SEO that increased traffic - MOM for May

This success was a testament to the seamless collaboration between departments and a strong technical implementation plan, positioning RE/MAX nova for an exceptional real estate market in the summer of 2020.

SEO Mike explaining SEO

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