SEO Brunch Meetup2022-01-17T19:36:36+00:00

Join an invite-only peer group of SEOs on the last Monday of the month to talk about their successes and challenges with SEO. 

Join the SEO Brunch Linkedin Group for details.

The next SEO Brunch will be Jan 31st from 1-2 pm (AST)

What Attendees Say About SEO Brunch

I consider Mike MacMillan to be THE local source for latest best practices around SEO.

Alison Knott, Alison K Consulting

The suggestions were extremely helpful & very clear to implement; I learned so much!

Maggie Duffy, DeepSense

Michael MacMillan is nothing short of brilliant. A first call for any great project.

John Chiasson, Kopano Photography

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What is SEO Brunch?2022-01-17T19:15:12+00:00

SEO Brunch is a meet-up of people interested in Search Engine Optimization. The community varies from professionals who have worked in the space for a long time to those new to the industry.

Some regular attendees include:

  • seasoned SEO professionals
  • affiliate marketers who generate a large portion of their traffic and sales from organic search
  • new-to-the-industry marketers tasked with improving their companies organic visibility
  • business owners that want to improve traffic to their website
  • professionals with other marketing specialties who want to align their approach to SEO
  • those that are always curious and want to learn
Where is SEO Brunch?2022-01-17T19:15:39+00:00

SEO brunch is a virtual meetup. When conditions for public gatherings improve we will continue in-person events.

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