The next SEO Brunch is on Monday January 27th, from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm at Elle’s Bistro.

When is SEO Brunch?

SEO Brunch is a the last Monday of the month.

Why the last Monday of the month?

Because a lot of us are compiling monthly analytics data to review.

The first couple of weeks of the month we are busy analysing and compiling action plans from this data.

SEO Brunch - Feb, 2019

What is SEO Brunch?

SEO Brunch is a meet-up of people who are interested Search Engine Optimization. The community varies from professionals who have worked in the space for a long time to those new to the industy.

Some regular attendees include:

  • seasoned SEO professionals
  • affliate marketers who generate a large portion of their traffic and sales from organic search
  • new-to-the-industry marketers tasked with improving their comapnies organic visibility
  • business owners that want to improve traffic to their website
  • professionals with other marketing specialities who want to align their apporach to SEO
  • those that are always curious and want to learn

Where is SEO Brunch?

SEO brunch is hosted in Halifax, Nova Scotia at Elle’s Bistro.

Elle’s offers Halifax a taste of home with fresh Canadian comfort food. Their menu features all-day breakfast, lots of delicious burgers and sandwiches. My personal favorite is their Jalapeño Bacon Cheddar Breakfast Sandwich.