At the SEO Brunch in June, we performed a 10-minute SEO audit on Digital Nova Scotia member Timeline Maker. Here are the results of the audit!

Notes from the 10-Minute SEO Audit

The top keyword driving traffic is “timeline maker” which is also the brand name. Unfortunately, at the bottom of the first page for this term. This position indicates all the signals are there but it’s not in a converting position. The top result is Adobe which would be a very “uphill battle” so we would recommend setting your goals for a mid-page result. To get movement into this position it comes down to improve the CTR from the SERP. With this in mind, we recommend:
  1. Bringing attention to the Free Trial – The top 6 results are free or offer a free version. With this in mind, we would recommend mentioning your free trial in the title to increase CTR. With time this will lead to higher positions. This can be achieved by adding [Free Trial] to the end of your title.
  2. Mention what differentiates you from the competition – We know your product is different from the competition because it is hosted locally and therefore is better for information that needs to be secure, for example in law enforcement. With that in mind, we would lean into this and mention it in the title and the meta description. We might exclude people who are not concerned about that feature but their intent for the product is not as strong as those that are. Our goal is not to capture all of the traffic but to capture the right traffic that converts. Suggested Title: Timeline Maker Pro | The Best For Sensitive Data [Free Trial]
  3. Frame the reward better in the Meta Description – Suggested Description: Create, manage, & view timelines securely with the most complete timeline maker software for highly sensitive & confidential data. Free full version 14-day trial.
  4. Add a FAQ section to the home page and mark it up with structured data. Use FAQPage structured data. This takes up a lot of real estate in the search results and leads to higher CTR for the SERP. There a number of ways to handle this with WordPress and we recommend a search for “adding FAQPage schema to WordPress” and discovering the option that works the best for your current set up. If you are unsure what to add, start with the “People Also Ask” section for the search “Timeline Maker”. Check out the example for SEO Brunch
    Screenshot of SEO Brunch SERP
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