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The site is not mobile-friendly and in January mobile devices represented 41% of your traffic. This combined with google indexing sites with their smartphone crawler first means Pages that compete for similar keywords and have no issues could be given priority. 
All 12 indexed pages on the site flag the same issues in Google Search Console, Clickable elements too close together & Content wider than screen. 
Content wider than screen
We weren’t able to replicate this issue but suggest monitoring for images that might be pushing the site out of view on mobile devices
Clickable elements too close together there are 2 possibilities for why this is being flagged in our opinion. One issue is phone number and email address being too close together
RYP phone number & email The recommended minimum size for tap targets is 48×48 pixels. Both of these links are 16 pixels high. Increase height on both to be 48 pixels high. Another issue is the social media links, the links to all of those should be updated to be 48 x 48 pixels.
RYP social media icons
Once these are corrected we suggest submitting to google for validation and checking the results for additional opportunities. 

RYP website on mobile

The above image is an example of how your website looks on an Android phone. The majority of your traffic is from iPhone but this is a good example all the same.

You’ll want to simplify your homepage. We want users to know *exactly* what Floria has to offer before they scroll anywhere. Just by removing the social icons and rock image we would see “Hi! I’m Floria!” right away and that would make things a lot more clear.

Google My Business
Add a tracking parameter to your listing so you can segment the traffic easier in Google Search console. This helps you identify what traffic is being driven by regular search results and which ones are from Google My Business triggered results. 
Reach out to the folks that have given you testimonials and ask for them to review you on Google My Business. More legit reviews are a signal to search engines that you are relevant and will help with rankings.
Top Page Driving Traffic
Why is mindfulness a superpower? – Ranked 11th in the US for search superpower mindfulness
Change the secondary headings to h2 (they are currently h1s). Multiple H1s confusing and dilute the main subject of the page. 
Update the main heading to be Why mindfulness is a superpower?  this exact phrase gets searched 50 times a month and has limited competition. A top 3 position for this term would help drive traffic. 
Reduce the length of the title
Currently, it’s Mindfulness power- Floria Transforms Workplaces, Trainer Consultant | RYPFloria Transforms Workplaces, Trainer Consultant | RYP
Which gets truncated in search results. 
Example of Google Search result displaying RYP website & metadata
We suggest:
Why mindfulness is a superpower? | Floria, RYP
The top results are Video results. Consider creating a video to answer the question Why mindfulness is a superpower? on Youtube and embed it on the page. Link to your page from Youtube as well. 
Additional Opportunites
404 errors on site

You don’t have too many but 4XX errors are important to address. Remove old Eventbrite links when the event is complete, for example. Here are two you can fix by replacing or removing the broken link.

Insecure Content
The page https://www.recognizeyourpotential.com/mindfulness-power/ has a link to http://www.RecognizeYourPotential.com which should be updated to a secure link and to a page dedicated to them signing up.
5XX errors in sitemap
Remove broken pages from sitemap and website if possible. Sitemap XML files are the best way to tell Search Engines what we want them to look at. Sending Search Engines to broken pages should be avoided. 
This can be easily fixed by removing the following from the sitemap index
Metadata Issues
Missing Image Alternative Text
Add alt attributes and text for all images. The alt attribute of image tags is used to describe an image to a user that may not be able to see it or for crawlers to understand what the image is displaying.
Missing Meta Descriptions
Add Meta Descriptions for all pages. Descriptions are the body content of your search result. Google will auto-generate these for you but well-crafted descriptions are more likely to entice users to click on the result. Try using https://serpsim.com/ to see what your metadata will look like on Google.
Page Titles Too Long
Shorten page titles between to ~30 and 65 characters. Search engines will cap the length of a page title once it reaches a certain length (~65 characters) which may not get the intended message across in search results. 
Duplicate Headings
Update headings to be unique per page. Every page should have a unique Heading 1 tag to represent the uniqueness of every page’s content and goal. Also, every page should only have a single heading 1.

Content Opportunities

You are creating a lot of great content with your ‘Attitude of Altitude’ podcasts.
Consider making a new blog post for each new podcast. You can embed the audio in the blog and summarize the topics of the podcast within the text, and then push the page on social media.
For example: “Personal Development & Organizational Health” is a very specific topic from your last podcast. The keyword “organizational health” gets between 100-200 searches per month, with a Click Through Rate of 64%.
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