We had a great 10-Minute SEO Audit with Join Admiral careers at SEO Brunch’s online webinar. Learn what SEO suggestions we made for JoinAdmiral to get them more applications from desirable candidates. Watch the video to see us walk through it live, and read the blog for details.

Notes from SEO Audit

Home page:

  1. Drop “home” from the title start it off framing the reward than the brand name e.g. “Halifax Careers With An Award-Winning Employer | Admiral”
    • We choose “Halifax Careers” since it has 100 monthly searches and very limited competition (also cheap to bid on for paid, $0.30, let your paid team know)
  2. Meta Description: without one google will add one using the content available the current one is:
    • Admiral Jobs. Welcome to Admiral Halifax! Learn about our office, explore career … Admiral Insurance Halifax 6940 Mumford Road Suite 200. Halifax NS B3L … 
    • write a unique and descriptive description showing how awesome it is to work and driving people to click.

Job Posting Schema:

  1. We would also recommend using Job Posting schema on the actual job posting. This can influence you getting in the top of results around jobs and careers.
    Google 'Jobs' search result for teller in SERP

Crawler Warnings:

No critical crawler issues! Which is really cool. But there are lots of other warnings and issues we can tackle to further improve the website.

Redirect Chains:

There’s a widespread issue with redirect chains that functions like this

  1. Page hyperlinks to the following site: https://joinadmiral.ca/life-at-admiral/post/26/Introducing-the-New-Employee-Personal-Spending-Account-

  2. Which redirects to non-secure version: http://joinadmiral.ca/life-at-admiral/post/26/Introducing-the-New-Employee-Personal-Spending-Account-/

  3. Which redirects to secure version: https://joinadmiral.ca/life-at-admiral/post/26/Introducing-the-New-Employee-Personal-Spending-Account-/

The simple solution? Add a trailing slash ( / ) to the end of the first hyperlink. It stops the redirect chain. You can view the full list of redirect chains here. Fix the URL highlighted in pink to stop the resulting chain.

Temporary Redirects:

Not all the redirect issues are like this particular one. You can view the rest of the redirect issues in this Crawl Issue Document.

Metadata Issues

Missing Canonical Tags:

See the URLs with Canonical Tag issues here.

From Moz.com – “Each page on your site should have a canonical tag with a canonical URL for search engines to know which content should be shown to searchers and prevent against duplicate content issues.

Check the HTML Head of your page to ensure it contains a string of code which looks like this: <link rel=”canonical” href=”http://example.com/blog” />”

Missing Description:
A description is your chance to explain to Google, as well as potential leads, what your page is all about. The description isn’t directly related to your ranking but they are a big part of converting customers. There’s a limited amount of pixels for descriptions, so use a site like https://serpsim.com/ to draft a great Description. A strong CTA that is accurate to your page will increase conversions and decrease bounce rates.
You can see all the URLs with missing descriptions here in the document.

Content Issues

Duplicate Title Tags:

One of the main content issues is duplicate title tags, largely stemming from the page: https://joinadmiral.ca/life-at-admiral/

This page’s title tag is ‘Admiral Canada: Life at Admiral’. This is fine on it’s own but the main issue is the pages linked within this sub-section.

Any archival page you click from here brings you to a new page (with a unique URL of course) but the title tag is the same ‘Admiral Canada: Life at Admiral’.

Simply make each title unique, it doesn’t have to be fancy. For this page in example (https://joinadmiral.ca/life-at-admiral/archives/2020/February/) you could make the title:

‘February 2020 | Archives | Life at Admiral’

When you choose a structure for Titles just keep in mind that all titles should employ the same style. They don’t have to include every subpage behind it, just make sure it’s clear for the user and future proof. (ie: February | Archives | Life at Admiral could be a duplicate without 2020)

Duplicate Content:

The bulk of the duplicate content seems to be these Archival Pages. Add the noindex metatag to the HTML in these pages. This will tell Google to not waste it’s time analyzing these pages, so it will go deeper into the content you have. If Google spends too much time on pages like this it eventually goes “okay, I’ve seen enough” before getting to the good stuff.

See the pages with Duplicate Content here in our Errors Document.

Missing H1:

Just 2 cases of this issue as you can see here.

Google wants every opportunity to understand your website; by making sure these pages include an H1 tag, you will ensure Google better understands the page.

Content Recommendations:

Your content is currently quite good on its own, with lots of photos and well-made videos. By adding “noindex” to the Archival pages (as we mentioned above) we can let this content be discovered. By doing this Google’s “crawl budget” won’t be wasted scanning those Archival pages and it can start discovering pages that have a strong chance to convert.

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