The IronMatrix crew were ready to give their website a workout so they came to SEO Brunch & participated in our 10-Minute SEO Audit. See what they learned by watching the live SEO Audit video below & read our notes for the details. “No pain – no gain”. Let’s dive in!

Google My Business

  1. Remove the city name from each listing unless your signs, business cards, etc. include the city name. It is against Google’s guidelines. Google is constantly updating to reduce the algorithm to fight this type of approach. After reviewing GSC you do not benefit from mentioning the location in the title and it’s not worth the risk of being penalized
  2. Updated the primary category from fitness center to gym.The term gym is searched more often (27,000 monthly searches in Canada) then fitness center (500 monthly searches in Canada) both have comparable difficulty. Secondary categories should be Kickboxing School, Boot Camp, and Yoga Studio. 
  3. Develop individual location pages highlighting details specific to the location (schedule, price, location, etc. – everything a potential client would need to make a decision to check out your gym). Once developed the individual locations GMB listings should be updated to link to the location pages. We would also recommend: 
    • Each location page should have the title: {location} Gym | Group & Personal Training | IronMatrix (where {location} is the area name). 
    • A unique meta description highlighting the service offerings at each location. We suggest a tool like to check for truncation issues.  
    • A clear CTA mentioning the First Group Class is free at the top of the page to draw people in.  
  4. Update the website URL to have a tracking parameter defining each location. This allows us to segment the traffic in tools like GA and GSC. For example:
  5. Continue collecting reviews and monitor the listing for opportunities to answer questions. 
Home Page
With each location have dedicated pages you can shift the focus of this page to capture branded search queries. 
  1. Update the title to something along the lines of Personal & Group Fitness in Spryfield & Dartmouth | IronMatrix
  2. Add a unique meta description highlighting the various service offerings. Use to check for truncation issues.
  3. Link each service offering to its dedicated page to transfer some authority and show relevancy for each service offering. 
    Iron Matrix coach working out with informational text
The Majority of traffic is driven by mobile devices. We would suggest reviewing the user experience on both Android and Apple devices. Some initial opportunities we see are: 
  • cleaning up the way the social media and contact info is presented, our tests on an apple device has the phone icon overlapping the email address. 

screenshot of iron matrix website 1

Website on iPhone

screenshot of iron matrix website 2

Website on Android

  • Consider removing the social media links from the top and tighten up the way it displays on mobile devices so Group Fitness is above the fold.

Content Suggestions


Include photos and writeups for staff photos, or just remove their About pages. Google sees these as duplicate errors. See Leanne’s bio for an example of a working bio (
Exploring your YouTube clips for content would be a really great way to start creating blogs that rank for specific keywords.

IE: ‘IronMatrix Wall Sit’ is a good video clip to break out into a blog. Break out the advice you would give anybody new to this technique, and turn it into an article. The article should link to relevant pages outside your website, but it’s also good practice to link to your own website’s pages. Just make sure the links are relevant and will make sense when you click them.

The keyword ‘Wall Sit’ gets around 6K searches a month with a decent click-through-rate, but it’s quite broad as a keyword. You’ve already got some great videos to work with so see how you can use them to create articles centered around high performing keywords.

The Media section needs to be spruced up, and I’d recommend replacing it with a Blog section. You can save these photos for assets like social media posts or future blogs.
Ideally, you’ll create 3 blogs, and release them all at once with the new Blog section. You don’t have to blog every day, just keep it consistent.
Domain Authority / BackLinks
To improve Domain Authority (DA) you’ll want to get backlinks from reputable pages. As it stands there are 3 websites that link to and the highest DA comes from useful content, like blogs, and distributing this content (via social media and other communities), will create more opportunities for people to link to your website, and will improve both your website’s traffic and DA.
Additional Opportunities
404 errors/missing pages
Remove these pages from the Menu Bar located on the Home Page (
– ‘Sports Team Training’ (
– ‘Online Training’ (
– ‘Add to Cart’ button ( *disable if possible, until the store is up and running*
Remove this page from Group Fitness (
Insecure Content
Update the home page link in the navigation so it points to the https version. Pages and assets delivered to users over HTTP instead of HTTPS either are not displayed or are blocked by the browser
Blog Section
Remove the blog post and current blog section entirely. (
The URL slug “2020/01/26/” is confusing to Google, so lose it for now, and when you create a new blog make sure it’s optimized to read something like
Missing Meta Descriptions
Add Meta Descriptions for all pages. The majority of the website has no metadata descriptions. About 52 of the 69 pages.
Long Meta Descriptions
The homepage has too long a meta-description, which is not a huge issue but it’s not helpful. Search engines will cap the length of a meta description once it reaches a certain length (~155 characters) which may not get the intended message across in search results. Use if you find it helpful.
Missing Image Alternative Text
Add alt attributes and text for all images. The alt attribute of image tags is used to describe an image to a user that may not be able to see it or for crawlers to understand what the image is displaying.
Page Titles Too Short
Write Page Titles between 30 and 65 characters for each page. Google doesn’t have a length minimum for page titles but will modify the search result if below a certain threshold (30 characters). Using this space to entice users to click on the result is always better than the default produced by Content Management Systems. You can use to write and preview your metadata content.
Orphan Pages
Add links for any pages that are currently not linked to in the sitemap, remove anything that should not be crawled. Sitemap XML files are the best way to tell Search Engines what we want them to look at. However, it is also important that the pages and assets in the sitemap are linked to somewhere else on the website or Search Engines will be confused about why we want them to look at them. SEOs call these Orphan Pages or Assets.
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