Top Priorities

  1. Set up Google My Business so you can get regional map results and trigger knowledge panel type results
  2. Set up Google Search Console so you can measure success and dig deeper into what keywords are performing

Critical Crawler Issues

Broken Links

From Moz: This is bad for site visitors, who may see ”404 Error Page Not Found” instead of the content they are seeking. If external sites are linking to a bad redirect, you may also be missing out on valuable link equity.

  • 12 links on the site look like an error page to site crawlers. These are due to the # (hashtag) links within blog content. This might be a false positive since the content links resolve to a non-error. We have reached out to some experts in the Wix SEO space to get their insight. (e.g. it’s a known issue and Wix is currently voting to have the ability to make links nofollow added to the CMS. with Google Search Console set up, you can confirm if Google sees these links as errors. If they are contributing to the site much we would recommend removing these links and avoid using them going forward. You can vote at

Metadata Issues

There are currently 33 metadata issues.
From Moz: These issues concern meta information, such as page titles and descriptions. Meta issues impact how search engines process your pages and display them in results. Meta issues may not be critical, but resolving them is often beneficial.

In an ideal world fixing these would be great but since budgets and but none of the issues set off a red flag in our experience. We would suggest focusing efforts on creating pages about your main service offerings and content answering the common questions related to these main service offerings.

For example, you could create a service offering page related to leadership consulting. It currently has 40 monthly searches in Canada and little to no competition. The current top page for this term is We would suggest reviewing this page for content inspiration and provide the same level or better of detail about your service offering.

Next, we would suggest you find the questions being asked about this subject and develop content that answers these questions. A great place to start is the people also ask section. You can increase the number of results by exploring the dropdowns.

People also ask for Chutzpah Consulting

How much money questions can be ignored, but other ones like What is a leadership consultant? would make great blog posts. We would also recommend reaching out to existing or past clients to get their input on how they would answer this question. This does 2 things, it provides content and it also engages a person who could backlink or share on their social media, increasing your reach.

Once you have created a blog post, run the main subject through Google Trends to get an idea of its peaks in popularity. Use the peaks as a basis for when you should push it through social media. A social media push increases the likelihood of it being shared outside of social media which increases authority through backlinks.

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